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Are you a gamer, an NFT owner, a guild or a fan of the metaverse?

Take advantage of the emerging metaverse economy by tapping into multiple revenue sources within the Metastarter ecosystem. We handle every aspect of Play-to-earn gaming, from making it accessible to gamers worldwide to effectively managing guild managers’ workloads. By utilizing our prime marketplace, metaverse visionaries can find a space to share immersive experiences to the crypto community.


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Guild OS

Empowers small to medium scale guild managers to grow their business by accessing features such as tracking scholar's in-game performance, earnings, recruitment and automated revenue sharing.

MSGG (Metastarter Gaming Guild)

In-house P2E gaming guild for scholars, particularly those from low-income background, to make a consistent source of income for themselves.

Metaverse Market

A space for leasing and renting virtual world assets to revolutionize business and user-experience. Bringing together NFT owners, virtual landowners, brands, creators, gamers and innovators all in one place.


We support budding metaverse-based enterprises in their efforts to establish themselves in the internet's next frontier. From conception to execution, we support companies every step along the way.

The space for everyone to explore, connect and evolve .


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upcoming features & updates

  • Market Research
  • Product/Project Conception
  • Strategic Planning and partnership
  • In-house Guild Building
  • Acquiring NFTs for in-house Guild
  • Guild OS (MVP) development

Q4 2021 - Q1 2022

  • IDO announcement
  • Internship program
  • Guild OS (MVP) development (continued)
  • DEX and CEX listings
  • Staking
  • Studio Development

Q2 2022

  • Guild OS V1 launch
  • Meta Tournaments
  • Metaspace Rental development V1 development
  • Partnerships With Top Streamers & ESports Teams

Q3 2022

  • Strategic Partnership with Major Media and Game Companies
  • Metaspace Rental development V2 launch
  • Community Building
  • Constant Updates
  • Cross Chain NFTs Market Development
  • Metaverse with Other Compatible Games Development

Q4 2022


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